Welcome to The IT Glue API

Welcome to IT Glue's API. You can use this API to access all of our API endpoints, such as the Configurations API, the Passwords API, and the Flexible Assets API.

The IT Glue API is a RESTful API and conforms to the JSON API Spec: jsonapi.org. The API can be used to create, retrieve, update, and delete data in your IT Glue account.

You can use the IT Glue API with any programming language that supports the creation of HTTPS requests and that can parse JSON. Most modern programming languages have tools to parse JSON, which allows you to sync your data with virtually any platform.

Note that the POST and PATCH methods can be used to modify object resources and object structure resources. However, certain rules may prevent an object from being updated by an API request. For example, a PATCH request on an organization will fail if the specified organization is syncing with your PSA. Refer to the documentation included with each endpoint and method for further details about potential API errors.

Developer Documentation

The developer docs are organized by resource type, each with its own set of endpoints. The intended audience is a developer with HTTP and JSON API experience.

If you are just getting started with the API, start by reading getting started article in our knowledge base.

Make sure you also understand the following concepts: pagination and sorting and filtering.

Please note that the maximum number of page results that can be requested is 1000.

API Requests and Responses

The IT Glue API accepts JSON requests and returns JSON content in all of its responses, including errors. The UTF-8 character encoding is supported for both requests and responses. All data is encrypted in transport using the HTTPS protocol.

Some general information about responses:

  • The API populates certain fields automatically, such as object ID, created-at, updated-at, resource-url, names of attributes (e.g. manufacturer-name, model-name, location-name, etc.), and fields to identify when an object is related to a MyGlue account or PSA integration.

  • Dates are returned in RFC3339 format in UTC timezone: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ.

  • Empty attribute fields are generally included as null instead of being blank strings or omitted. If null is a valid value, that means it is possible to set the specified attribute to null to clear a value.


All requests require an API key that will be linked to your IT Glue account. Trying to access the API with an incorrect key will result in an HTTP 403 error.

To create one or more API keys, sign in to IT Glue with an Administrator role and generate your keys from Account > Settings > API Keys. Note that you can't view a key again after it has been generated, so store your keys as passwords in IT Glue or somewhere else safe. API keys do not expire, but they can be revoked anytime from Account > Settings > API Keys.

NOTE: As of May 15, 2023, to protect your account, unused API keys will be automatically revoked after 90 days of inactivity. A notice will be sent to your account admins 10 days before being automatically revoked.

Authentication/Request Headers

All API requests require the following headers:

x-api-key: {{api-token}}

Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json

Note that if the request does not have a payload, the Content-Type header is not required.

The base URL for all endpoints and methods is:


Partners with an account in the EU data center will use:


Partners with an account in the Australia data center will use:


Rate Limiting

Rate limiting in the IT Glue API should be encountered only in rare circumstances. Currently, the limit is 10k requests per account per day and a variable limit of between 1 to 10 requests per second. A 429 Too Many Requests error code will be returned for rate limited requests.

Payload Size Limit

Payload size in API requests cannot exceed 10 MB. Note that payload includes all data from payload including files when files are applied, e.g. for 'Attachments' endpoints.

Incoming Webhooks

One of the key benefits of an API is the ability to integrate with third-party tools. Incoming webhooks are an easy way to get simple push notifications (HTTP POST messages) from external sources into IT Glue when things happen. For example, you may configure a webhook to add charged Stripe customers as new organizations or create a flexible asset when a new project is created in Asana. You will need an integration service like Zapier or other third-party tool that can execute the required code to POST a message to a URL along with the necessary data as a JSON payload. Note that for outgoing webhooks from IT Glue, you will need to use our workflows feature.


Release notes are issued for API improvements and changes in our knowledge base. In the event of breaking changes, the API endpoint will generally be versioned so that you can choose which endpoint you want (GET V1/configurations).

Happy coding!